Why Fear When I am here

Why fear when I am here?
Have patience and faith in me.
You have to get everything from me.
Feed the hungry first, then feed thyself.

Entertain always noble thoughts.
Avoid falsehood and needless disputation.
Resort to the wise for guidance
Why are you anxious? I take all care of you.

How can I allow my children to fast or starve?
Ego must be killed out.
Not a leaf moves except by my grace.
If I do not save my children, who' else will?

All the universe is Me.
My business is to give blessings
Have consideration for the poor and wretched,
Efforts must be made to make the mind steady.

Remember, I look on all with an equal eye.
Even from the tomb, I shall be active and vigorous.
Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai