All Clients / Members ( meaning herein passengers booked for each tour) are advised to go through carefully, the following Terms & Conditions laid down by the Proprietorship Concern ( meaning herein Akshayam Travels -Chennai).


  1. Akshayam Travels desires to provide best services all round always towards utmost satisfaction of its esteemed Clients. However, due to factors affecting the provision of services may sometimes occur beyond the control of Akshayam Travels, already announced tour itinerary viz departure dates, flight timings, connecting services dependant on Sub Contractors(meaning herein Suppliers engaged by Akshayam Travels for supply of services ), independently providing surface transport like Bus, Coaches, Tempo Travellers, Cars, Boats, Cruises / Hotel accommodation (AC /Non AC), Sightseeing points / provision of meals etc., depending on group strength / climatic factors, are all subject to change at the discretion of Akshayam Travels, keeping in view the overall benefit of its clients, due time management / constraints. No claims for refunds /part refunds for such changes will be entertained. Overall thus, all members are required to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the Sub contractors in the course of availing / enjoying the services provided and also by Akshayam Travels. Also, resultant increase/ additional costs in tour prices due above factors arising out of Government Regulations and especially by Airlines, at a point of time when tour cannot be cancelled, Members are required/advised to continue in the booked tours with amended/ altered itinerary and such additional amount has to be paid by the Member for smooth conduct of the tour. In case of advance intimation by Airlines/Shipping/ Surface Transport of changes due above factors/Government Regulations, consequentially, Members will be intimated about the same and if any Member wishes to withdraw, due to inability of joining because of extension of time/days, it will be subject to cancellation charges given herein below in the Clause for cancellation/refunds, as applicable, since the tour is anyway being carried out and not cancelled as a whole. Discretionary decisions with regard to tours however, rests with Akshayam Travels, whatsoever for any matter.
  2. Akshayam Travels basically being Travel / Tour Operator / Organizer, does not control any of the Sub Contractors selected by it like Airlines, Shipping, Railways, Surface transport providers, Hotels, which are only sources for providing necessary services / amenities included in its tours. Hence, Akshayam Travels is not responsible during conduction of tours, for any loss / injury of life, material damage, loss of baggage/valuable documents or property, arising in the course of provision of such services by the Sub Contractors selected by Akshayam Travels for operating its tours. Any flight/other transport delays, reschedules, cancellations resulting in overnight stay and other connected expenses, arising out of natural calamities, weather conditions, technical reasons or reasons beyond control of Akshayam Travels, will not be the liability of or borne by Akshayam Travels whatsoever.
  3. Individual Travel Insurance especially when going on foreign tours and also within India Tours is advised to be taken or may be taken at the discretion of the Member and claims of any sort in any eventuality shall not be addressed to Akshayam Travels and will not be entertained whatsoever. However any entitlements as per Sub-Contractors like Airlines /Shipping clauses for Insurance may directly be claimed from them or compensations, if announced as eligibility for the same, in case of eventuality.
  4. Any Client suffering from any serious ailment may join the tours provided by Akshayam Travels solely at his/her risk and any untoward incident occurring during the course of participation in the tour, resulting in injury/loss of life, will not hold Akshayam Travels responsible for any liability compensation whatsoever as a result of having joined the tour. Medical certification is advisable. Moreover, if the health condition is found to be contagious posing a health hazard to other members, he /she may not be allowed to join the tour as such. Hence, prior intimation is advised. Also, any member who is found at the discretion of Akshayam Travels, to create nuisance in any manner to other members due to his/her errant habits/offensive conduct, while on tour, will also liable to be withdrawn from participation in the tour and no further claims/liability entertained by Akshayam Travels.
  5. All tour prices quoted are per pax on twin / triple / four / five bed basis only, and all members joining on solo / single basis to pay the difference of rent towards taking a Room as a whole / on lone basis. However, in certain places/ Hotels, triple /four/five sharing may be restricted and at the most extra beddings provided on the floor in the room. Also, tour package prices are designed/fixed based on the prevailing market rates of Sub-Contractors and are subject to changes due to increase in prevailing taxes viz. Government, fuel price rises, visa fees, foreign exchange rates, currency fluctuations before departure dates, in which case, Client/ Member has to pay the difference amount of such changes. Discounts / Benefits will be at the discretion of Akshayam Travels as announced ( especially for children upto certain age) whenever and wherever applicable and no demand/claim as a matter of right, will be entertained.
  6. Being Proprietorship Concern, all payments to be made through NEFT/RTGS money transfers either through Net Banking or directly from their bank concerned, to the Account details provided for by Akshayam Travels and by Cheques in favour of “S.Anantaseshan” in case of well in advance bookings only and the Client is advised to ensure clearance of the same, only upon which is deemed to be confirmed for joining in the tour. In case of dishonoured cheques, due dishonor charges stipulated by the Bank, to be paid by the Member concerned after re-presentation/clearance, at the time of joining tour. Preference is however for money transfers only. Tour fees in cash should not be deposited directly into the account of Akshayam Travels, as it will attract cash deposit charges which will again have to be borne by the Member concerned. Direct cash payments will not be entertained by and large and will be done so in rare circumstances at the discretion of Akshayam Travels especially due time constraints of bookings made close to the tour departure date.
  7. Since all packages are pre-designed and blocked well in advance before launch of the same, Akshayam Travels is bound by rules and regulations/time frames in force laid down by its Sub-Contractors especially Airlines/Shipping/Surface Transport as well as Hoteliers and therefore consequential non compliance within time frames will result in penalties and also on withdrawal. Therefore, Payments to be made in full with names given, by Members at the time of booking, if booked well in advance or/and within time frames given below, and after booking, accordingly following cancellation charges apply to its Members -

    - Refund less 25% if withdrawing before 45 days upto 30 days minus departure date
    - Refund less 50% if withdrawing 29 days upto 22 days minus departure date
    - Refund less 75% if withdrawing 21 days upto 7 days minus departure date
    - No refund within 7 days minus departure date
    However as an alternative option members booking in advance, in order to block, seats have to pay 50% of the total fare and balance up-to 22 days minus departure date only upon which confirmation of participation in the tour will be made. In case of non payment/withdrawal/cancellation the advance amount of 50% will be forfeited.
    - No refund of payment made in International travel in airlines like Asia, Tiger Airways as far as other airlines information to be sought from akshayam travels on tour to tour basis with airlines concerned.

  8. Name changes not allowed in Airlines like Spicejet, Indigo whose services Akshayam Travels avails. Names changes allowed in Airlines like Jet Airways and Go Air whose service Akshayam Travels avails, at the prevailing fee of the Airline concerned along with fare of difference on the day of name change upto 7 days before departure date and only to be given by the Member as an alternate/substitute to his / her withdrawal from the tour, which if accepted by the Airline concerned, shall be intimated to the Member upon which, it will be the responsibility of the withdrawn Member only, to collect the tour fees directly from the new Member and Akshayam Travels will not entertain any claim for refund to the withdrawn Member.
  9. Customized tours to Individuals / small Groups less than ten or FITs will be according to their requirements and may not be given all the amenities given to a Group and all rules/regulations laid down above applicable to them too. They shall not cancel or amend a tour booked or amend itinerary and will have to go ahead with the already booked tour/itinerary. In case of deviations and if possible to include such deviations by Akshayam Travels, then difference in price of the tour to be paid in full before departure.
  10. Any tour package cancelled/ withdrawn by Akshayam Travels, on its own, as a whole, due to factors beyond its control and in the eventuality of inability to modify / amend the tour itinerary, due any reasons beyond its control, accordingly, refund at the discretion of Akshayam Travels, will be given to the Member. However, this is not applicable when tour itineraries are amended and alternate options made/given with the booked tour destinations added / removed, in which case, it will be binding on the Member to continue on the tour, as mentioned in / subjected to Clause 1 above.
  11. All existing facilities / amenities to Senior Citizens / Disabled Members, wherever applicable/possible will be let known/intimated to the Members or their Companions and it is at their discretion to avail the same and not the responsibility/compulsion of Akshayam Travels to provide the same, whether available or not. However, on humanitarian grounds, all possible assistance will be given naturally.
  12. All disputes/claims arising out of bookings made for travel on tours / in the course of conduct of tours, shall be subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.